Awards and Accolades

We have been fortunate enough to be recognized for our work with local, regional and national awards.

Award Winning Theater Design

Let's build a place where you can relax and unwind with the family and a great movie. Or fire up the latest video games. Or simply watch football on the big screen.

One Remote. Simple. Easy.

No need for a coffee table full of remotes or a messy stack of equipment in view. Simply mount a flatscreen HDTV on the wall and we will take care of the clutter and complexity.

All the music on earth. In every room. Wirelessly.

Let us show you how simple and easy house wide audio can be. We are Sonos experts and can design your system to be affordable, simple and fun.

Conference Rooms. Yeah, We Do That.

A properly automated meeting space makes it easy to conduct your business meetings with confidence.

Smarthomes Chattanooga designs and builds Simple & Robust solutions

Our no pressure, "trusted advisor" approach makes it easy to do business with us.


One thing you will hear a lot with us is that our solutions are simple to use. This is a direct result of the countless hours of the research and development we have invested in each package we offer.


When a great audio/ video system works properly, the experience is delightful. Crisp, clear pictures, as if you were there- sometimes better than if you were there. Sound that fills the room from all directions (just like the director intended). Not too loud, not too soft, just right.


Most times the difference between a good system and a great one is not the budget, it's the expertise. When you hire us, we help you make decisions that get the most performance for your hard-earned dollars.


Over many years my AV system grew into a remarkable unit of high end equipment and sophisticated remotes. When I lost the person who managed my system, I was floundering with integration issues and boxes that didnt speak to one another. Then I called Smarthomes and they came immediately to help this lady in distress. They checked out everything and agreed to take on the problems and promised that my system would run flawlessly when they were finished. I had a totally functioning system in less than three days! Am I happy? You bet!

Thanks, Smarthomes. Your people are the best!
Lurlene McDaniel
It is truly a system that I have no problem recommending to my friends. I might also add that all who have worked in our home have been nothing but very professional and helpful in all that was done (Tony, Nick, Noah and yourself).
DeWayne McCamish
For my Dedicated Home Theater that you put together for me, all I can say is WOW!!!
Dr. Bob Gallien
In a time where customer service is almost non-existent, Smarthomes Chattanooga and all of their employees go way beyond the expectation of what one might imagine! The level of professionalism, courtesy, and timely response to any request regarding my current home system has been amazing!!! Their design team, installation experience, and selection of specialists for any home system is why I would highly recommend Smarthomes Chattanooga for any new customer.
Smarthomes is amazing! I could never have imagined my home entertainment system could sound and look so good!!
Eric and Dina Schimpf
I had always wanted a home theater system in my home. Smarthomes provided me not only the system, but the TV and found a cabinetmaker that make my arrangement the envy of my neighborhood.
Doug Thompson
We were so pleased with the Smarthomes installation from the wiring phase to the final instructions. The entire team was very friendly and professional. We love being able to control our lights and security system on line when we are away from home. The home theatre exceeded our expectations. Our son in law wants to move in with us. Everyone enjoys the user friendly Smarthomes controls throughout the house and even on the patio. We look forward to many years of convenience and entertainment in our very smart home.
Sue and Al Lepper
My experience with Smarthomes has been a pleasure. They do what they say, when they say; a rarity in this modern world.
Les Nation
I first became aware of Smarthomes Chattanooga while visiting the local Home Show. The interaction with their system consultant was the beginnings of a dream come true. From the planning to the installation and the follow up consultations, it has been a most pleasant experience. What a Great Home Theater System!

I was not only impressed with the professional quality of management and the technicians, but the friendly manner in which they operate. They quickly became family, and soon produced top quality video/audio, all simplified. Thanks Smarthomes Chattanooga, for a job well done.

Irvin Rowland
Smarthomes gives you a great investment! They hire the best staff. They install the best equipment. They provide the best support.
Patrick A. White
Smarthomes was able to provide exactly what we were looking for in an integrated media system. The system is perfect for our immediate needs and budget yet flexible enough to accomodate additional future functionality. Smarthomes was competitive, responsive, and professional - I have and will recommend them with confidence.
Dan Pratt
Smarthomes did an excellent job for us in the installation and teaching us the system. You provided exactly what I wanted with no pressure to do more. I am planning on upgrading to some extra features in the future.
Stuart Bush
We are two years into our Smarthomes entertainment system and still sit in awe of the visual clarity and excellent sound the system produces.
Jim and Leslie Chandler
The service was excellent, from the time I met with the salesman to the time the system was installed. The system sounds and runs great! My wife likes it because there are no wires, no cable boxes and one remote … nothing to do except watch, listen and enjoy.
Mark Giacini
I just want to comment on the superb experience that I have had with Smarthomes. In short the entire staff has been professional, responsive, accountable and a real pleasure to work with!! For a builder, these are rare commodities in a material or service provider. Many thanks for a superb job!! I look forward to working with you guys again.
Randy Miller
Pron Construction, LLC
The installation was very professional and very well done. Mark and Mark did a sensational job and helped me get started on my new system!
Kelly Feehrer
It was a pleasure working with the professionals at Smarthomes during the design of our system and we have a very functional system that performs exceptionally. Without hesitation, we strongly recommend Smarthomes!
Alexis & Shon
Smarthomes Chattanooga- As the name implies everything was smart about them, from their employees to their products and to their workmanship. Their work was impeccable and efficient. I will definitely use them in the future.
Steve Kizzah
Our experience with Smarthomes Chattanooga was a positive one. Their staff was efficient, friendly, and reliable. With Smarthomes high tech upgrades, you will be the envy of all your friends and neighbors.
SmartHomes’s systems take the level of home entertainment and music to an unbelievable level. Their equipment and installation professionals are tops!
Bill and Kathy Wilder
Krystal had a very out-of-the-box idea for using a home automation system to control systems in a fast food restaurant. Smarthomes exceeded my expectations by digging in, understanding the problem from end-to-end, and designing and delivering a system that provides all the required functionality and has performed flawlessly since day one.
David Reid, VP & CIO, Krystal
Smarthomes takes customer service to a whole new level. No matter how small or large the request, Smarthomes was always there and always delivered. The products are top quality, the workmanship is excellent and the time they take with their clients to explain the products was perfect.
Ray Catlin
Thank you all so much for how you have changed our lives at home with the wonderful sound system and TV add-ons (Apple TV) and Sonos. Everything works so well, and on those few occasions when there has been a problem, the response has been superlative! Mark is so good to work with over the phone, and so thorough! Just wanted to let you know we are thankful and happy customers!!
Lana Sweenie
Working with Smarthomes was a very positive experience. The work was done in a professional manner and promptly. Everyone I dealt with has been accommodating and helpful. I will definitely call on them in the future.
Martha Hutchison
Hats off to Tony, Ben and Jon and the rest of the crew. We know ours was a tough installation, but you guys pulled it off. You went above and beyond the call. What a great bunch of guys.
Dean and Nancy Romine
The quality of customer service provided by Smarthomes ranks among the best Ive ever received from a retail business. The sales and installation staff took the time to work with me to understand my needs and then to fully explain how the components worked. The follow-up service is also excellent - prompt and efficient. Two of the staff even came by on a Saturday morning to correct a minor problem and ensure that the system was working properly. I would highly recommend this company for top quality products and excellent service
Vicki Corbett

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