Project Showcase: Community Gate Surveillance

The head of a neighborhood association approached us wanting to upgrade the community’s gate house and neighborhood security and surveillance capabilities at the entrance. Their current system was outdated and could not keep up with current surveillance standards. To accomplish an upgrade, we overhauled the access control system, replaced cameras, and installed a new intercom system. 

original gate house

We began by replacing the interior camera with an Axis Communications flat-faced 4MP Dome Camera with IR. The flat-faced design is better for surveillance purposes, because it reduces light reflections. It still captures really sharp video, even in total darkness, making it more suitable for security settings. For the exterior cameras, we replaced the old ones with Axis Communications compact outdoor 4K Ultra HD bullet cameras. With their high pixel density and image stabilization, these high definition cameras also work extremely well in low light or total darkness. We coupled the cameras with Axis’s Recorder as well as their License Plate Verifier to ensure the utmost in security when it comes to vehicles coming into the neighborhood.

camera on exterior of building

For the new access control system, we used a 2N system for app-based control for users, a touch keypad, as well as the more traditional RFID reader technology. We also installed a 2N intercom system with high quality audio and video.


To hardwire the gate house so it could have a more reliable network, we installed a Ubiquiti Unifi router with gigabit ethernet and a 60W 8-port fully managed gigabit switch. We also added IP power conditioning so we can troubleshoot any equipment failures remotely and in real time without physically needing to be onsite.

camera pole

The combined upgrades of multiple HD cameras detecting all angles, a more secure entry process, and a hardwired access control system that is less susceptible to failure all add up to a much more secure feeling for residents of the neighborhood.

gate house and gate

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