Project Showcase: Gorgeous Downtown Condo

Some spaces that we enter have such a distinct character that we do our best to make choices that will disrupt that aesthetic as little as possible. In this gorgeous downtown condo, we did a few upgrades while preserving the look and feel of the condo. For instance, we installed a new 85″ 8K Sony Smart TV in the Great Room, mounting it on a fixed mount to the brick wall. Under the TV, we mounted a Sonos Arc Soundbar.

The challenge with mounting to brick or stone is figuring out how to get the wiring back to a power source. Typically, we partner with an electrician to run conduit from the TV to the power source, and we run our wiring through that conduit. The look works well here, with the exposed brick, beams, and other industrial touches.

TV hung on brick wall close up

We then placed a Sonos wireless subwoofer in the room. By repurposing two of the ceiling speakers to a Sonos amp, we were able to create a full 5.1 surround sound system in the Great Room.

Bar TVs

A Sonos music server was installed in a small equipment rack and connected to the existing Crestron system to provide audio throughout the condo. Room selection and volume control can be used with the existing Crestron touchscreens, and music selection is done via the Sonos app on the client’s mobile devices.

wall mounted touchscreen

We installed a new gigabit router along with a 16-port gigabit switch and 3 access points in order to do a complete network overhaul that would provide plenty of bandwidth to accommodate all of the new streaming devices.

Bedroom In-Ceiling TV

Often, as was the case here, we can use a customer’s existing equipment to make upgrades, so not every renovation or upgrade has to be a complete overhaul in order to enhance the performance of the space. We only installed new devices where it was truly needed to optimize performance.

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