Project Showcase: Picturesque Outdoor Oasis

The scope of this outdoor oasis project included a pool house, pool, putting green, and the surrounding landscaped areas. Our primary job was to bring the amenities of the house to the outdoors, including A/V, lighting, security, and network.

Pool and Fire Pit

In the outdoor kitchen/covered patio area, we installed a 75″ outdoor-rated TV by Sunbrite. The outdoor rating was important because the location of the TV is technically covered, but in a totally open-air setting, making it subject to exposure to all the elements. We then added four 6″ in-ceiling speakers to play both the audio from the TV as well as from streaming services. We then placed two all-weather speakers on the exterior of the structure, pointed at the pool. To extend the network from the house to the pool, we installed a wireless access point to the ceiling. Finally, we added an outdoor rated turret camera to be able to view the pool house remotely.

TV and speakers in pool house

At the pool itself, we situated 6 landscape speakers around the perimeter of the pool and at the putting green, and added a 12″ direct burial subwoofer at the pool. We installed an amplifier to control all of the speakers. The speakers at the pool and putting area are all considered one “zone,” and this zone can either play streaming music, or the audio from the TV, controlled by the Control4 app. The pool house is its own zone, and is also controlled via the Control4 app.

To light this outdoor space, we provided 2 Lutron switches to control outlets for the landscape lighting hubs. We programmed the switches to run Control4, so the lighting, like the A/V zones, can be controlled via app, remote control, or touchscreen. Since the system is the same one that controls the house, the homeowners can turn on all functions before they even go outside, or they check on the status of the pool area without having to go outside. In addition, by having the lighting on Control4, “scenes” can be programmed in advance to have lights turn on or off at certain times of day for energy efficiency and ease of use.

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