Project Showcase: Republic Centre Executive Zoom Room

It’s easy to see why this particular conference room needed two very large screens at each end of the conference table. With 20 seats, and factoring in the overall length of the room, an 86″ commercial display at each end was necessary in order for all attendees to comfortably see what is on screen.

Angled View of Conference Table

Due to the size of the screens and the height of the table, we mounted them on tilt mounts so they could tilt downward for easier viewing. The size of the screens also provided an opportunity to mount equipment behind the screen, concealing it from view while still giving easy access to that equipment, but also keeping a very clean look to the room.

Equipment mounted behind TV
Equipment hidden behind the screen

In order to have the audio reach the entire room, we placed 4 in-ceiling speakers and a powerful amplifier to fill the room with adequate and even sound. We also installed 2 in-ceiling microphones. These large mics have sophisticated technology that captures people you want to hear while avoiding sounds in other areas, without aiming pickup lobes, with what is called “automatic coverage.”

In Ceiling Mic and Speaker
The in-ceiling microphone in the foreground and in-ceiling speaker in the background

The conference table already had table boxes, so we placed 6 HDMI connections inside those boxes to allow users to connect portable devices to the video system. We also added three universal HDMI connection rings to accommodate almost any possible device connection. An HDMI switching system was placed to automatically switch to the connected HDMI device for ease of use.

Zoom Room Table Boxes

We worked with the customer-supplied video conferencing equipment. They provided the Cisco Webex System, which we integrated into the overall system by mounting the Cisco camera to the wall above the front monitor, then installed the Cisco 10″ tabletop touchscreen and table microphones. We integrated everything so that all of the equipment that they provided would work seamlessly with everything we supplied.

Table Top Touchscreen

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