Catoosa County Commission

A performance upgrade isn't the most glamorous project, but it is vital to the proper functioning of certain spaces, namely government offices. This room needed to run seamlessly during proceedings. For this upgrade, our job was to refresh the cameras, upgrade presentation capabilities, add microphones, install a control system, and bring the room up to sound-related ADA compliance.

We started by replacing an older projector with a new HD laser projector and calibrated the image size to fit the room's existing motorized screen. Three new cameras were installed for both recording and broadcasting. These were placed in the front and the rear of the room to capture the entire space. In the very back of the room, the full HD camera has pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities and navigation control. Two additional full HD digital zoom cameras capture the overall room, as well as the presenter at the podium.

New wired tabletop microphones were installed at the dais, and we added three new wireless handheld microphones; one for the podium, ad two floating mics for participants.

We added a wireless presentation device that allows presenters to connect their laptops from anywhere in the room.

The commission already had a Denon recorder that is very good for their purposes, so we kept it in place and integrated it with the new Crestron control system. This new system is more intuitive and easier to use. A 10" tabletop touch panel was installed at the moderator desk for complete control over room source, volume, and camera control.

Finally, for ADA compliance, we installed an induction loop system around the perimeter of the room for hearing assistance. This system is compatible natively with T-coil style hearing aids. It also comes with one receiver for those without compatible hearing devices, with the ability to add additional receivers as needed.

ADA-compliant floor coverings were also added anywhere wiring needed to be routed along the floor.

The commission now has the latest tech to keep them running smoothly, without disruption.

  • Equipment:

    TesiraForte CI External Codec Conferencing Audio

    Crestron 3-Series 4K DigitalMedia Presentation System 100

    Crestron 10.1" Touchscreen

    Data Video 6-Input Switcher and RMC-260 Controller

    Marshall 30x Zoom IP Camera (2)

    Marshall 30x IP PTZ UHD Camera

    NEC Premium 5, 200 Lumen WUXGA LCD Laser-Phosphor Projector

    Netgear 16-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged PoE Switch

    Shure Wireless Vocal System with SM58

    Williams Sound Induction Loop Assistive Hearing System-Compatible with T-Coil Hearing Aids, Includes 1 Bodypack Receiver

  • Location: North Georgia
  • Completion: November 2021
  • Disciplines:
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