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Our commercial client, CBL, had two spaces that needed a few upgrades for meetings and presentations. They wanted each of these spaces to be easy to use and have the ability to utilize different source devices.

Our solution for these spaces was to run each with a simple keypad installed in the wall near the TV.

For the flex space, we mounted a 70" HD flatscreen to the wall. On the small side wall of the alcove, we placed the in-wall keypad, which has five buttons for the user to choose from. These include: Local PC, TV Input, Wall Input, and Wi-Fi Present. The bottom button is a one-touch System Off button to turn the devices off. For the flex space, we housed all of the equipment in a nearby network closet, except for the wireless WePresent, which we mounted to the back of the large TV.

In the conference room, we did largely the same thing, except this time the Sony 70" HD TV was hung on a swivel mount instead of a fixed mount. This allowed us to install all of the equipment behind the TV in two large flush-mount boxes in the wall. The swivel mount allows us to access the equipment should we need to because the TV can be pulled away from the wall, then easily pushed back into place. With a narrow room like this conference room, this is a more elegant and less bulky solution than an equipment rack or cabinet.

Both rooms now have wireless, easy to use presentation capabilities by way of intuitive keypads that any user can navigate.

  • Equipment:
    Sony 70" HD TV (2)

    Control4 In-Wall Keypad (2)

    WePresent (2)

    Versa Boxes (2)

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2018
  • Disciplines:
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