Crisis Center

This project included taking down an existing video wall, and replacing it with a much larger, nicer custom wall of screens. Once we had a clean slate, we got to work installing 12 55" 1080P narrow-bezel video wall monitors on a modular floor-to-ceiling video wall frame. The monitors were arranged in a 2 row/6 column presentation. Each monitor was connected to a 4K capable HDMI receiver to provide video from desired sources.

We added 12 4K capable HDMI transmitters at the control desk and connected those to the 12 corresponding outputs of a PC that was provided by the customer.

4 BYOD (bring your own device) locations were installed throughout the room, providing users the ability to connect a digital device and broadcast that image to the video wall via the touch panel at the control desk. We also supplied adaptors for connections other than HDMI, should they be needed.

An audio receiver was connected to the new 2-channel amplifier to provide audio from any source to the existing speakers.

A new Crestron control system was installed to provide full room control, including powering the video wall on and off, video routing to the screens, and on-the-fly wall size adjustment. These changes can all be made from the 15" touchscreen control panel located at the control desk.

In order to keep everything tidy, we placed all of the necessary equipment in two racks-one under the control desk to house the customer-supplied PC, HDMI transmitters, network switch, and UPS, and the other underneath the video wall itself to house the control processor, HDMI receivers, and UPS. You can see from the pictures how unobtrusive the racks are.

The final thing we did in the space was take down two existing TVs and rehang them on either side of the new video wall. We added control to these two TVs to allow them to turn on and off with the control panel, streamlining all room functions to the one panel, instead of from various sources.

  • Equipment:

    Crestron Rack-Mountable 3-Series Control Processor

    Crestron 15.6" HD Touchscreen

    Extron Stereo Mixer

    Just Add Power 3G 4K POE Receivers

    Just Add Power 3G 4K AVPro POE Receiver

    Just Add Power 3G 4K POE Transmitters

    Lab Gruppen 100W x 2 Amplifier

    Luxul AV Series 26 Port/24 POE+ Stackable L2/L3 Managed Switch

    55" Ultra Narrow Bezel Display 1080P (12)

    Modular Video Wall Frame for 12 55" Monitors

  • Location: Knoxville
  • Completion: November 2018
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