Open Office

One of our corporate clients approached us to provide TVs and monitors for a large, open-concept workspace. The large room contained several distinct and separate areas, including tech services, an IT collaboration space, and a break area for employees.

In the tech services area, we installed a 75" Sony TV on an extra large articulating mount. Behind the TV, we were able to house a power conditioner, a WePresent, and AppleTV, and microPC, all neatly tucked into versa boxes, completely hidden from view, yet still completely accessible when needed. To operate the devices and the TV, we placed a Control4 configurable keypad on the wall near the TV.

The customer also wanted us to install monitors in four sets of two along the tech bench. For this, we used dual monitor mounts, and behind the screens we installed HDMI, VGA, Displayport, and VGA+Audio input wall plates and wiring for each of the 8 monitors.

For the IT collaboration area, we did laregly the same thing that we had done in tech services, except the functions and shortcuts on the configurable keypad were altered to better suit the needs of the IT staff and what they may use the TV for.

The break area was slightly different. We hung three 55" Sony TVs on articulating mounts. Again, we used versa boxes in the wall behind the center TV to house the Control4 EA-1 controller, power conditioning, AppleTV, and microPC. Here, too, the TVs are controlled via wall-mounted keypad. The TVs are all programmed to work in conjunction with one another, and the keypad allows them to be turned on and off, or their inputs all changed, with one-touch functionality.

Looking around the room at the different areas, the thing that stands out from an A/V perspective is the lack of a need for remotes. Everything can be controlled easily and intuitively through the in-wall keypads, and the sleek and stylish open concept isn't cluttered with extra, unnecessary tech.

  • Equipment:
    Control4 EA-1 Controller (3)

    Control4 Configurable Keypad (4)

    WePresent (2)

    Sony 75" TV (2)

    Sony 55" TV (3)

    Dual Monitor Mount (4)

  • Location: Chattanooga
  • Completion: November 2018
  • Disciplines:
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